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samedi, 22 avril 2006

Bands! is a tool to build a patchsheet and stagemap for stagetechs.

The goal is to build a pdf file like this one (result from the online demo)
demo pdf patch sheet/stagemap

To test Bands!, You need to connect.

  • Create a new user from the left menu.


The principle :

  • Bands get members and patches.
  • Members get configs :
    like a drumer can use one day 8 lines and another one 3 or 12..
    or a guitarist can use, one day one amplifier, and another day, 2 amplifiers, and a third one stereo DI-boxes...
  • Each config owns inputs and outputs :
    Inputs can be anything like microphone, xlr, trs jack, aes/ebu, etc...(you define types)
    Inputs are listed with name, type, mic stand, foh and mon inserts and details
    like : BD b91 small-noboom comp/gate comp/gate
    Outputs can be anything like speaker, clr, in ear, earphone, etc...(you define types)
    Outputs are listed like inputs, but with only name, type and details
  • Patches get configs and can be linked to gigs.
    Patches can be linked to gigs (if gigs were created for the band ).
    When a band goes on tour or a festival, they send a paper containing technical informations from the band to the organisation.
    The sound manager need to know the instruments list etc.. This is the patchsheet.
    The stage manager needs to know where the musicians are physically stand on stage. This is the stagemap.
    When a band owns a member who owns a config with inputs or outputs inside
    You can link configs from band's members to the patch.
    For example, on saturday, the band plays at "bercy", and usually, when they go to bercy, they use the patch called "bercy" with the full orchestra and all instruments inside

    You can change configs order and you can move configs icons on the stagemap.
    When everything is done, you can get the resulted pdf file.

  1. Create a band.
  2. Create bands members and link them to the band (members are musicians in fact).
  3. Create configs for every member.
  4. Create inputs and outputs inside configs.
  5. Create a patch and link configs to patch.
  6. Get the pdf file.

Restrictions :

  • Joomla! 1.0.5 minimum
  • Bands! doesnt have an admin interface. (just make a menuitem and change menuitem parameters)
  • To get them in pdf file, icons for configs must be :
    • png only
    • indexed palette color
    • 8 bits/color


Utilisation with Gigcal :

  1. Define menuitem parameter "gigcal" on "yes"
  2. Create a band
  3. Go to "bandsmanager" gigcal admin interface
  4. Publish the band
  5. Create gigs for the band in the "gigmanager"
  6. Go back to Bands! and link one or more gigs to a patch

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